Our patented technology eliminates common cooling problems occurring in Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators, most notably, ice buildup on the cooling fins and poor cooling due to lack of airflow.

How It Works

Ice Buildup

Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators have a common problem that when the refrigerator runs for an extended length of time, ice can accumulate on the cooling fins, greatly reducing the cooling efficiency of the fridge.  Eventually the ice chokes off the what little airflow exists, and the refrigerator must be defrosted, which can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Once the Fridge-Fix is installed, the ice that has accumulated on your cooling fins will immediately begin to melt. With the Fridge-Fix installed, you will never have to defrost your refrigerator again. …ever.

Air Circulation

RV refrigerators have ZERO air circulation from the factory. When the door is opened, the once cooled interior almost immediately rises to room temperature. This can lead to uneven, or inadequate cooling in your fridge. 

The Fridge-Fix circulates the air inside your fridge 10-12 times per minute. This increased airflow is probably the the most noticeable benefit of the Fridge-Fix. Your beverages will cool in a fraction of the time, regardless of their location in the fridge. You can open and close the door multiple times and not worry about the temperature of your food!

Lower Temps

With the Fridge-Fix installed, you will be able to achieve lower temperatures inside your fridge, without the worry of food freezing. The Fridge-Fix eliminates the uneven cooling found in RV refrigerators.


The Fridge-Fix circulates the air inside the refrigerator over the cooling fins 10-12 times per minute. This ensures that the refrigerator stays colder, while using less energy in the process.  

How Easy is it to install?

Installation couldn’t be easier; with just 4 simple steps, you can be up and running shortly. Size your refrigerator Find power Attach the Fridge-Fix Attach the ground clip We include detailed instructions with each unit, and we are available to help should you have any problems!