Fridge-Fix: Meadows Slough house-boating community

The Fridge-Fix is a device that circulates large amounts of air in the main cabinet of a propane/electric RV refrigerator. While doing so it eliminates frosting on the cooling fins. This is a 21st century product, is a polished professional device in packaging to the consumer and in function. The Fridge-Fix does more than claimed and does it well. What is said on the website about the operation of the Norcold and Dometic refrigerators is correct. Because of the difficulty to achieve a designed temperature inside, many of these units burn up trying. You all know this and their life is short as refrigerators go. Baffling and drawing off the exhaust heat helps but not for long.

The Fridge-Fix WILL extend the life of your electronic reefer, save your fuel costs and once in a sub-40° state will recover from loading food and multiple openings like you have never seen before. Because of a longer life, your investment and repair costs will be significantly less. The single door unit is listed for the Dometic refrigerator but will fit into all such refrigerators having a flat surface ceiling in the main cabinet more than 18”wide and with 4” available space in front of the cooling fins. Longer units with three fans are available for double door units. Please browse their website for features and other information. While installation instructions come with the device and all parts, I found that routing DC power to the boat electrical through the water drip tube line to be the simplest. Some housing adjustment for the overhead door light may be needed to fit the device in front of the cooling fins but not an issue. The computer pie fans draw air directly off the cooling fins through perforations at the rear of the unit. It is then directed downward over the fins, clearing frost from the fins creating circulation through the main cabinet. The unit has a power switch under the device with a push/twist fuse housing facing forward; both are easily and blindly reached.

From a standing start at room ambient temperature, 40° will be reached in about 6.5 hours in a 8 cubic foot refrigerator. The main cabinet temperature will be 6-7 degrees lower with the Fridge-Fix on, as tested on our two Unique brand refrigerators. When working in and out of the refrigerator during meal preparation the recovery time to normal cabinet temperature is 15-20 minutes depending on how long food was on the counter. This could be less on thermostatically controlled refrigerators like the Norcold and Dometic units. No time test of propane use has been made but settings are significantly lower on the refrigerator than before introduction of the Fridge-Fix.

Power use to the fans and the LED lights is 12v DC and drawing low milliamps. There is no movement on the electrical panel gauge with two units on or off. The units are operating 24/7 here and there is no impact on recharging time from the solar array. There must be some but it is not evident. This is a must have device with light years in performance from the D-cell battery fans of old. You will be amazed at the refrigeration performance never seen in propane units. It is on a par with standard household AC powered refrigerators.

Cost is $65-110 per unit depending on model needed. Please note the UL listed above is to their product home page. When you link to Our Store there is no link back to informational home page that I can find. You can see the unit in operation on Cloud 9.

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