Fridge Fix Featured in Motorhome Magazine

RV gas/electric absorption refrigerators are subject to improper installation and high-ambient temperatures that can significantly affect the cooling process. When outside temperatures soar to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, refrigerators need all the help they can get. A simple solution is to add a Fridge-Fix by Smart RV Products, a compact box with three waterproof fans and a pleasant blue light.



RV refrigerators are not equipped with interior fans, so there’s no circulation; it’s not uncommon to see box temperatures higher than 45 degrees – warm enough to lead to food spoilage. When refrigerators are overloaded with excess food, the temperature zones become far less efficient. When condensation builds up on the condenser fins, cooling can be reduced by up to 25 percent. Often, this excess moisture can turn to ice, and adequate cooling is further affected.



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