VIDEO : Fridge-Fix Dometic Americana RV Refrigerator Fan

Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators have a common problem that when the refrigerator runs for an extended length of time, ice can accumulate on the cooling fins, greatly reducing the cooling efficiency of the fridge.   Watch Video:  Do Fans Make Noise?  Dometic Americana Eventually, the ice chokes off the what little airflow exists, and the refrigerator must be defrosted, which can be a cumbersome and annoying process. Once the Fridge-Fix is installed, the ice that has accumulated on your cooling fins will immediately begin to melt. With the Fridge-Fix installed, you will never have to defrost your refrigerator again. …ever.

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  1. Paul

    I installed the Fridge Fix on our Norcold N841. Super simple to install using the interior light as a 12VDC source. I really like the fact that the original interior light can still be used, along with the blue LED lights in the fan.
    I expect that this will be a nice addition, and will keep the fins from icing up.

    Very nicely built….. quality product!

  2. Ruth phillips

    Will the frig-fix help prevent food stored all over in our Dometic frig from from freezing solid in the frig compartment? This is sooooo frustrating wasting so much food!

  3. Meri Bakker

    Hi Dan,
    You can certainly run power from the light for the #5. The lights do stay on all the time as they are integrated into the fans. They are LED and so any heat generated is negligible. There is a power switch located on the bottom of the unit if for any reason you would need/want to turn it off. Some turn it off intermittently while dry-camping for example. The other option we have is the unlit unit. The difference there is that the unlit unit actually draws a little more power (just over .5amps) than the unlit unit because the fans themselves are spinning faster.
    Hope this answers your questions, if you need any further assistance, please feel free to email or call!

  4. Dan Collins

    I’m looking into getting your Smart Rv products # 5, does the lights stay on all the time it has power even when the door is closed?
    Do the fans run constantly with the lights on or cycle off and on?
    I’m figuring I can connect to the light box that has a switch when the door opens, then when I power the fridge off for storage the fan will be off as well.

  5. Meri Bakker

    Hi Larry,
    Great questions! The Fridge-Fix has its own on/off switch. It is best to use this switch rather than try to wire to the fridge on/off. I know its one more thing to turn off at the end of the season, but this is the best way to wire.
    The blue lights on all the models are integrated into the fans themselves. This means of course that the lights are going to be on anytime the fan is running. I like to think of it as a nightlight for the butter! 🙂
    If you have any more questions, please let us know!
    Thanks Larry!

  6. Larry

    Can the Fridge-Fix be wired so it will turn on at the switch on the front of the Fridge? Can the Blue Lights on my 3 fan unit come on when the door is open and go off when the door closes?

  7. Meri Bakker

    You are right, the fans without lights have a higher RPM and therefore circulate more air. Off hand I do not have the numbers for you, but if amperage is not a concern for you but high circulation is, I would suggest unlit fans.

  8. Meri Bakker

    Hi Eric, sorry for the delay. You are right that this product blows air from the top of the fridge over the cooling fins. However, the fans are sucking air as well and in a small enclosed space will therefore circulate air throughout the entire fridge. We recommend that the fans be on at all times that the fridge is running to keep the air circulating. For example, when we full-timed for 2 years our fridge-fix was never turned off. Of course there are exceptions to every rule so if you are not connected to power there are other solutions. With the fans running, you will get circulation throughout the entirety of your fridge and will find that you have a more consistent temp top to bottom. The problem that you are experiencing is not uncommon for this model and I would invite you to look at some of the reviews for product 4 as many of them discuss temp results.

  9. Eric Shurtliff

    Also forgot to ask. I noticed in your response to Ken’s question about two different fans being used, one with LED’s and one without. The no lite fan draws more amp’s correct? Does that mean it has a higher RPM? Which one has the highest movement of air volume (CFM)? Again Thank you.

    Eric Shurtliff – Scottsdale, Arizona / Austin, Texas

  10. Eric Shurtliff

    The problem with my RV Refrigerator is that it is cold at the bottom to the point of freezing and warmer at the top. I have a Norcold 1210 4-door unit. To me the fan is blowing cold air from the cooling coil down to the bottom and not bringing the cold air accumulating in the bottom upwards, When the refrigerator is full there is no chance for proper recirculation. Is there another design with some kind of ducting to direct air or dose this design work for this problem? I would like to purchase a solution but I don’t want to just through my money away and this fan setup is not cheep. Eric Shurtliff – Scottsdale, Arizona / Austin, Texas

  11. Ken Holloway

    It doesn’t make sense to me why the unit with LEDs would draw less than a unit without LEDs. I know LEDs are low power consumption, but they do draw some and if the fans are the same, then it seems logical that the units without the lights would draw less. Just wondering if you got those reversed. According to your reply, the two fan unit without LEDs that I purchased would draw .7 amps. If you add the LEDs it would draw .5 amps. Just double checking.

  12. Mike Bakker

    Greetings~ For the blue LED double fan units, they draw about .5Amps, and the triple fan blue LED units draw about .75Amps. The double units without the LED’s draw .7Amps, and the triple units without the LED’s draw 1.05Amps. Hope this helps!

  13. Ken Holloway

    I was wondering what the power consumption of the unit is. When dry camping and the unit is running from the battery power this would be important. Also from the video it appeared that the unit has lights. Do these stay on all the time?
    Ken Holloway
    Smyrna, TN

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